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List of Library Books

Trade : Welder

1. Welder Trade Theory (Supplementary) Nimi.

2. Welder Trade Practical (Supplementary) Nimi

3. Welder Trade Theory by Nimi.

4. Welder Trade theory by G.S. Sethi

5. Welding Technology by Dr. O.P Khanna

6. Welding Process and Practice by C.l Kar.

7. prathamik Welding Siksha by Shri Nani Gopal Chakraborty and Shri Sunil Sarkar

8. Mordern Weding Guide by Prosenjit Sen


Trade : Workshop Calculation and Drawing

1. Elements of Workshop Technolgy by S.K Hajra Chowdhury

2. Workshop Calculation by D. Roy

3. Dictionary of Technical Terms by F.S Crispin.

4. Workshop Practice by Willium H. Atherton.

5. Strength of Materials by R.S Khurmi

6. Mechine Design by R.C Patel

7. Technical Machanics by Amiya kumar Basu

8. Elementary Engineering Drawing by N.D Bhatt

9. Elements Engineering Drawing by M.H Gunda

10. Engneering Drawing by R.B Gupta

11. Elementary Engineering Drawing by N.D Bhatt