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Background of starting Vocational Training/Technical Education

In the objective of Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission’s Memorandum of Association and Bye-Laws there is a clause no. 3(e) mentioning as follows :-


To establish, take-over, maintain and conduct all or any type of the following institutions:

i)Educational including General, Technical, Vocational, Physical, Social, Medical and Agricultural including Diary and Poultry.

ii)Advancement of science and research.

iii)Home for the old, invalids and informs.

iv)Rural development and rural reconstructions.

v)Relief and other social welfare and charitable activities including Homes for the Homeless and Children belonging to backward classes.


On the basis of this object Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission has been making efforts to run Vocational/Technical Courses on various subjects for gainful employment of unemployed youths. Swami Vivekananda longed for spreading Vocational/Technical education in Bengal to change the mentality of Young Bengal that securing Government job or job of a clerkship is not the only way to live a respectable life, there are ample scopes for their employment in Industry or enterprises also through skill development training and most importantly it will not require higher educational qualification, moreover there is enough freedom for progress. It will pave the ways for rapid economic development of poor and less educated people in backward areas vis-à-vis it will enhance the technical/vocational skilled working force in our country.


With the vision explained above Mission has set up Vocational/Technical courses started since the inception of this Institution i.e. from the year 1977 in a small way. Now the facilities and infrastructure have been developed at Missions headquarters at Barrackpore and Joyrambati branch in Bankura. These institutes have got affiliation from the Government of West Bengal by its Department of Technical Education. Vocational Training Centre at Barrackpore has got affiliation since the year 1st January 2003 and Joyrambati section also got affiliation in the year 2005.